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Episode 24: Grapes of the Zodiac, Scorpio and Petite Sirah


This day after the Midterm Elections...let's have some wine. In this week's Grape Minds, Gina and Julie continue their trip through the solar system of personalities to talk about Scorpios and the grape that goes with these mysterious people.

Episode 23: Blood Red Wine


Halloween is right around the corner and you know what that means ... blood-red wine.  Lucky for us, dark chocolate pairs well with the dark reds, and in this edition of Grape Minds, Julie and Gina try one called Predator.  Join the cult of Dionysis and grab a glass. 

Episode 22: Grapes of the Zodiac, Libra and Pinot Noir


This month we continue our tour through the zodiac with a stop in Libra where the beauty-obsessed diplomat, the Libra, is paired up with the characteristics that make Pinot Noir such a darling. 

Episode 21: Canned Wine


In this episode of Grape Minds, Gina and Julie try out canned wine – just in time for tailgate season. Be sure to listen until the very end of the episode when they try an extra can of white and find a real gem.

Episode 20.5: Grapes of the Zodiac, Virgo and Cabernet Franc


Somehow, when we migrated our content onto Podbean, we missed this gem of a zodiac sign so here it is. We're sorry to our Virgo friends, but let's face it: you all are too cool to let your feathers get ruffled over it. That's why we love our Virgos so much!

Episode 20: Getting To Know Spain

This week we talk with winemaker-turned-tour guide, Tony Bryant of IKON Journeys , for a tour of Spain and its wines. The conversation weaves through the...

Episode 19: Grapes of the Zodiac, Leo & Cabernet Sauvignon



Gina and Julie continue their series, “The Grapes of the Zodiac,” in which they pair the personalities of the zodiac with the grapes of the wine world. This month we’re in Leo, and while it may seem like a lazy choice to pair the fiery, ego-driven fire sign with the king of red wine grapes, Cabernet Sauvignon, Gina and Julie explain that it’s not for obvious reasons.

Episode 18: Flying With Wine


Did you ever notice that being on an airplane makes things like tomato juice and Pringles taste better than when you’re on the ground? While the hectic experience of air travel may have you reaching for the nearest sauvignon blanc the minute you find your seat, you might want to think twice about ordering your

Episode 17: Grapes of the Zodiac, Cancer & Syrah


Just as people born under the sign of Cancer are warm, loyal, and sure to tell you where they stand, Syrah is a grape that produces a wine that feels like a warm, comforting embrace with a strong backbone of big fruit. In this week’s Grape Minds, Julie and Gina continue their series on the

Episode 16: A Conversation with Legendary Australian Winemaker, Dave Powell of Powell & Son, Barossa

In this week’s episode, we meet the winemaker behind Powell & Son. You may have heard of the passionate and gifted winemaker from his days building Torbreck.  Well now, Dave Powell is putting that passion and skill into working with his son who was raised among the vines. This January at the Naples Winter Wine