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Episode 34: Celebrating Earth Day with Gérard Bertrand



Lucky Gina got to go to the South Beach Food and Wine Festival in Miami where she attended a master class on biodynamics with winemaker Gérard Bertrand of the eponymous winery in Southern France. In this episode we hear Gina's interview with the legendary prophet of biodynamics, and chat about finding the earth-friendliest wines at local retailers. We also discuss the app that lets you know, according to lunar phases, what is the best day to taste wine (EVERY day- duh).

Episode 33: Grapes of the Zodiac, Aries and Gamay


Aries is usually the first sign of the Zodiac, so it's probably where we should have started. So, we'd like to apologize to the impatient rams among us. You had to wait to learn your grape pairing till the very end of our series "Grapes of the Zodiac." But, Julie says we saved the best for last because the Gamay grape and the Cru Beaujolais made from it are "her jam." In this episode Gina and Julie try four of the ten crus: a Fleurie from Anne Sophie Dubois, A Brouilly and a Morgon from Georges Descombes, And a cleverly named Chenas (Big Trouble in Little Chenas- a riff on a Kurt Russell classic) from Julien Guillot whose Beaulolais project is hard to find in the way of a web site- however if you'd like to learn more about his loftier Burgundian domaine, Vignes Du Maynes, click here

Episode 32: Kimberly Jones and her selections are in the studio, and Julie and Gina fan-girl out


The wine business is a fascinating one. From the vineyard sites and farming, to winemakers and winery owners, to the many feet on the ground making sure wine gets into our glasses. In this episode we sit down with Kimberly Jones, an entrepreneur who does a bit of it all. Founder of Kimberly Jones Selections, an import and distributing company, she also owns vineyards, makes wine, and has her finger on the pulse of what is happening in the wine world. She’s a cool chic with great stories and shares a few of them here. 

Episode 31: We Talk With Meeker, Williams Selyem, and Thompson 31 Fifty at the SWFL Wine and Food Fest


There is something special about Sonoma Wine Country and this year at the Southwest Florida Wine and Food Festival, we caught up with three winemakers who call this appellation home. First we talk with Jeff Mangahas of Williams Selyem about what makes wine from the various micro-climates within the region taste so different. Next, we meet Michael Thompson who bought the land to build his and his wife's dream in Sonoma's Russian River Valley with an address he feels makes all the difference for Thompson 31 Fifty Wines. Then, we talk with Molly Meeker of Meeker Wine where they know their way around the noblest of grapes including their famous Handprint Merlot. But, they still get creative with lesser known varieties like the delicious Verdelho we got to try.

Episode 30: Grapes of the Zodiac, Pisces and Merlot


Your Pisces friend just wants everyone to be happy- so much so that they sometimes take on too much of your baggage and weigh themselves down.  That's what Merlot did back in the 80's when the world obeyed the French Paradox and went crazy for the legendary soft-sided wine.  To oblige, Merlot was planted in places it should have never even visited. Poor thing experienced an awful backlash but is still here to comfort you and tell you that those jeans look great - just like a Pisces. Gina and Julie continue the Grapes of the Zodiac. 

Episode 29: Grapes of the Zodiac, Aquarius and Grenache


If you know anyone who is an Aquarius, you know they embody freedom, fun, and going with the flow. You also know they will not be controlled or told what to do. Similarly, the Grenache grape is easy going, travels well, and is anything but uptight. In this episode of Grape Minds, Gina and Julie talk about some of their favorite Grenache wines, the many shades of Grenache, and the people who make the Aquarius sign one of our favorites. (Spoiler: Gina is one of them!) 

Episode 28: Salvatore Ferragamo Talks Fashion, Wine and Sparklers


From the "Brushes with Greatness at the Naples Winter Wine Festival" file, come this gem of a conversation with Salvatore Ferragamo of Il Borro Toscana

Named for his grandfather (the founder of the famous fashion house), this prince of Tuscan royalty takes to the vines to produce traditional and not-so-traditional wines with respect to history and an eye toward the future.  

Episode 27: Mondavi Talks Family Legacy & The Future


At this year's Naples Winter Wine Festival , Julie and Gina got a chance to talk with California wine royalty. In this episode of Grape Minds; a conversation with Tim Mondavi and two of his four grown children, Carlo and Carissa.

Episode 26: Grapes of the Zodiac, Capricorn & Nebbiolo


The year begins in the workaholic sign of Capricorn, and that means Julie and Gina have selected another wine grape to match the stubborn, loyal, no-nonsense sign whose symbol is a goat. We continue the series, “the grapes of the zodiac” with a comparison of Capricorn with the Nebbiolo grape from Italy’s Piedmont region. It’s found in the Langhe DOC appellation but is best known for its starring role in wines from Barolo.

Episode 25: Origin of the Zinfandel Grape on Zinfandel Day

It’s Zinfandel day - a day set aside to recognize the Zinfandel grape which is responsible for not only for the sweet version of rosé wine, it’s also considered by many to be the “original” American grape. Our Grape Minds podcast hosts Julie Glenn and Gina Birch talk about the real origin of this variety, some history of American grapevines, and find a few pairings for your holiday table.