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Episode 90: The Legendary Clay Mauritson of Mauritson Wines in Studio, in Person


After fifteen months, Mauritson Wine's founder Clay Mauritson gets to travel! So. naturally he came straight to the Grape Minds studio to talk about the seven generations his family has spent in Sonoma, the wines he is proud to make from his family's iconic vineyard, and taste the Rockpile Ridge Vineyard Zinfandel and Rockpile Ridge Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon.

Episode 89: Even More Women in Wine at Oakville Ranch


At Oakville Ranch it's all about the ladies with Sheila  Gentry as General Manager and Jennifer Rue as winemaker. In this week's episode, Gina and Julie learn what sets this sub-appellation apart, and try their legendary Cabernet Sauvignon.


Episode 88: Women in Wine With the Daughter of Elena Walch, Alto Adige’s Quality Revolution Trailblazer


Any discussion of women in wine is incomplete without Elena Walch. This eponymous winery in Alto Adige led the charge in this Northern Italian region away from quantity and towards quality. Following her mother's lead, sisters Julia and Karoline are taking the winery into its fifth generation with respect for history and the terroir.  In this episode, Julie and Gina talk with Karoline about the wine industry, the delicious local grapes of the area around Tramin, and the satisfaction of being a woman making changes in a male-dominated trade.



Episode 87: Women in Wine Continues with Chelsea Barrett of Materra


With the obvious genetic predisposition toward making incredible wine, Chelsea Barrett of Materra Cunat Family Vineyards did not assume it was a foregone conclusion she'd rank up there with mom and pop - both iconic Napa winemakers. She did her time hitting the books, traveling the world, and rising through the ranks to develop her own style. In this episode, Gina and Julie talk with Chelsea about the bit of pressure that comes with being the daughter of legends.  A wine princess, if you will.  One that's not afraid to get her hands dirty and one who is eternally eager to discover new insights.


Episode 86: Women’s History Month Continues with Sonoma-Cutrer’s Zidanelia Arcidiacono


Time to look beyond their ubiquitous Chardonnay and get to know another member of the all-female wine making team at Sonoma-Cutrer,   Zidanelia Arcidiacono makes the Pinot Noir here, including the Rosé version of said grape. 

Episode 85: We Kick off Women’s History Month with a Personal Fave-Nicole Rolet from Chene Bleu


Today marks the beginning of Women's History Month, so Gina and Julie are getting a jump on wine Wednesday and checking in a bit early to launch our month long homage to the wonder-women of wine. We start with a woman who captured our palates with her rose long before we met her and she captured our hearts.

There are people you meet in the wine industry, and wines you try- a great percentage of each being regrettably forgettable. But the wines of Chene Bleu and the fabulous Nicole Rolet who presents them to the world, are truly unforgettable. In this Episode, we talk about her family's origin story, their philosophy of wine and wine making, and the bright future she sees for women in the industry. 

Episode 84: On Billionaire’s Row With Scottie and Jordan


William Benson, the founder and CEO of  Billionaires’ Row Champagne, and his partner Patrick Ductant, who heads up the spirits division, refer to one another as Jordan and Scottie in a nod to the fabled '96 Chicago Bulls. William (aka Jordan) is the first and only American to have his name on a Champagne Brand approved by the Prestigious Comité Interprofessionnel du vin de Champagne in France. In this Episode Gina and Julie talk with these legends about making seemingly unattainable dreams come true.

Episode 82: A Dozen Rosé s for Valentine’s Day


In this week's Valentines Day episode, Gina and Julie wax poetic about their great wine loves and present a bouquet of a dozen rosés.

  1. Send Nudes Rosé , from the folks who bring you Sexual Chocolate, a Rosé of Pinot from Sonoma
  2. Thomas Jefferson sparkling, could  not resist this since it is also Presidents Day coming up. This is a Cremant de Limoux  made from Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc and Pinot Noir.
  3. Chimney Rock, cab franc, dark almost looks like cranberry juice
  4. Elizabeth Spencer, it’s Grenache, dry and tropical, hard to find
  5. Chateau Auguste from Bordeaux, right bank style, Merlot, Cab and Cab Franc
  6. Charles Joguet Chinon Rose. Cab Franc makes a killer pink wine.
  7. Terrebrune Bandol Rose- salmon in color and strawberry aromas. Mourvedre, Grenache and Cinsault.
  8. Chene Bleu Rosé - a higher- end rosé  made from Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre, Cinsault and Rolle. 
  9. Some Rosé s are bubbly:  May we suggest Lanson Rose
  10. Billecart Salmon
  11. For a lower budget bubble, there’s Anna di Codorinu Cava which is a beautiful bottle to look at- major points for packaging. And can be found at around $10. A great party wine.  If anyone’s having a lonely hearts party for the singletons on V day- this is the quantity wine for you!
  12. Remember the "Brangelina" rosé - Miraval? Now that the glossy sheen of celebrity has abated, the wine stands as a fab bottle to present on Valentine's or any day.  

Episode 81: Wine Wandering for a Walkabout in Australia


This week, Gina and Julie wander through the wine glass to Australia with the help of importer, distributor and Aussie, Jane Uttley of Unfiltered Unfined Wines. We talk super-hot shiraz, seafood friendly whites, and pair everyone's favorite brekkie food: vegemite. For video evidence of us ingesting Vegemite, click here.

Episode 80: Wandering the Wine World in New Zealand


We're all tired of not being able to travel. But enough complaining- the world of wine awaits. We're letting our taste buds take us on a journey as we circle the globe to vicariously visit vineyards (how's that for alliteration?) far from home.  Our first wine wandering takes us to the beautiful island nation of New Zealand where we find one of the most memorable wines and wine stories in any portfolio. Brent Marris of Marisco Vineyards talks of his family's ignominious backstory and how it's told through the winery's King Series.  We try a couple of wines from the Ned line, which is not, as one might suspect, named for Ned Stark of Game of Thrones. And talk about the indigenous culture and fantastic foodways of this stunning wine destination. Be sure to check the recipe section on Marisco's web site for the perfect pairings. Pack your bags! 

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