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Episode 80: Wandering the Wine World in New Zealand

January 25, 2021


We're all tired of not being able to travel. But enough complaining- the world of wine awaits. We're letting our taste buds take us on a journey as we circle the globe to vicariously visit vineyards (how's that for alliteration?) far from home.  Our first wine wandering takes us to the beautiful island nation of New Zealand where we find one of the most memorable wines and wine stories in any portfolio. Brent Marris of Marisco Vineyards talks of his family's ignominious backstory and how it's told through the winery's King Series.  We try a couple of wines from the Ned line, which is not, as one might suspect, named for Ned Stark of Game of Thrones. And talk about the indigenous culture and fantastic foodways of this stunning wine destination. Be sure to check the recipe section on Marisco's web site for the perfect pairings. Pack your bags!